Tarot Reading about the Road to Ph.D.

Last night my friend/acquaintance/former university roommate (Sorry Jen, I’m not sure how to label our relationship) did a tarot reading for me via twitter. I had tremendous amount of fun with it. Plus it was pretty reconfirming.

I was going to post the whole interaction here, but I am lazy. I asked whether I would be successful on my journey to obtain my Ph.D. in Linguistics. Here’s my spread after a few additional cards were pulled for further analysis.


Her overall analysis (prior to additional cards being pulled).



Although science doesn’t support the metaphysical, I still have my superstitions and beliefs that are not based in science. I consider myself agnostic deist as far as spirituality goes, but I also tend to have some leanings towards paganism. Tarot I’m a bit on the fence about as far as its ability to tell the future, yet I also believe in Jen’s ability to connect to the metaphysical plane (she’s a practicing witch), so I give her reading credibility. That might also be because this reading pretty much reconfirms what I had hoped to hear: The journey will be rough and full of anxiety and obstacles, but overall I will overcome.

There was a section of the reading that I really couldn’t figure out, and it had to do with recent events or a particular person who created hostile conflict. I just don’t know really.

I think the most interesting is Death being in my hopes/fears spot. She analyzed it as being worried about an ending. The secondary card, she says, “talks about new plans and perseverance, but with tones of running away and ‘I can do it all on my own.'” Could be construed as confidence or lacking support. Pondering it further last night, I feel Death is the perfect card for this particular spot. I hope to reach the end – to complete the Ph.D.; on the other hand, I’m fearful that I will not make it, that it will be a dream that will eventually die.

While I shouldn’t give a lot of credence to the reading, I am using it as a motivator to push forward. I emailed the linguistic advising office today. I’m hoping to perhaps set up a meeting to talk to someone in person about my hopes and desires. As I was starting the email, I could feel my heart racing, as if they’re already telling me “no”. Anxiety-ridden already. Haha.

Tonight I plan to make more flashcards. My time with the GRE book is coming to an end (library book), so I want to get as much information out of it as possible before I need to return it. Tomorrow I hope to find the time to escape and do some reading out of my linguistics textbook. Oh, and I should probably clean my house at some point.

One thing at a time.

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