Hiya. I’m Saffron. My new life goal is to reduce suffering by humanizing people, and abolish police and prisons.

I am a mother to two girls, a wife to a super sexy husband, and a keeper of one bratty cat.

I find language fascinating. I love grammar, linguistics, foreign languages, and literature. Writing has always been a predominate player in my life, and it is a great way for me to connect with my deeper self. I aspire to publish a fantasy novel.

Short stats:

  • I’m married to my best friend. He is my soul mate. He is also a middle school English teacher.
  • I’m in that age bracket that comes after 35.
  • My daughters are stinky cat poo poo.
  • I enjoy crochet, writing, photography, reading, and video games.
  • Currently obsessed with Final Fantasy 14.

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