Mind Dump 5: A little bit of everything

Typing on my phone so forgive any stupid typos.
I was dumb and reinstalled Facebook on my phone. Unsurprisingly I have been spending too much time on there. Twitter as well. I uninstalled them again in hopes I will use my time more wisely.
I’ve come to terms with my setback. Overall I think it’s a good thing to find out additional work will be needed. It’ll give me a chance to ease back into academia before I take the plunge into the Ph.D. program. 

I find myself outrageously envious of those who are already in the program or have obtained it. It’s a stupid jealousy, for they had to start somewhere too. I didn’t discover my passion into nearing the end of my bachelors. It was too late to pursue it even if I did want to make the switch. Also there wasn’t even a minor being offered at the time. 

I don’t know why I’m getting so defensive. I think I still feel silly about how eager I was to jump right in when I didn’t even have the right gear on. Oh well. Knowledge is power, and I now have the knowledge of where I need to begin this endeavor: with a university advisor.
While I try to figure out the arrangements on who to contact and when to meet them, I will continue my self study. The studying will receive less emphasis as I put more time into the purge.
I started the purge today. I picked out toys that the girls don’t need or use and packed it up. Hoping to get together more kiddo items that are no longer needed (clothes and the like) so I can hand it all off to someone in my community. Next will be purging everything in the dining area. There’s a tremendous amount of shit there, but I think it’ll be a fairly quick task. It’s been long overdue and it’s about damn time I get started. It’ll make studying a lot easier to do when our home is clutter free. 
I feel this was a good decluttering of the mind. Good night.