Writings, Notebooks, and Xmas

Last night I wrote creatively 1051 words. Terrible, awful words. Well, the words themselves were fine, but the sentences were not. That’s okay though (my current catchphrase); I have to start somewhere.

20181223_2039561633730648.jpgTonight I purchased my fancy schmancy notebook for the #meandwhitesupremacy workbook. I finished day one just now. Something I did in a few questions is to stray from the question. The idea of the book is to talk about yourself deeply, meaningfully. At one point I moved to the general. I think it was mostly a pep speech to myself to say what I should be doing. It’ll be interesting to see, as I progress, how my perspective will change on that pep speech.

It’s getting late and I should get to sleep soon. I was trying to avoid having to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve, but alas, I did not succeed. I got half the presents wrapped before today, though. So I at least did better than last year.

And because of second mom’s Christmas gift to us, we were able to gift ourselves Nintendo Classic. I am so stoked. I can’t wait to start playing. I don’t think we’ll play until Christmas day. It will be fun to get the kids into some video games. If they aren’t obsessing over their own toys anyway. I guess that gives me and hubs the opportunity to play. I think I want him to play Double Dragon with me. I loved that game. My brother and I played it a lot.

I’m so glad Christmas is here. The build up to it has been… meh. I think I’m just eager to give the kids their gifts. I’m ready for it to be here already.

To sleep I shall go then.

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