Mind Dump 4: The Pain of Today

Today was hard for me. I felt like every second of the day the kids demanded my attention and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So much screaming and whining and fussing. K refused everything I put in front of her for dinner. O wanted to sit on the toilet every other moment, even though I know she knows she doesn’t have to go – she just wants stickers for her sticker chart. I didn’t have a lot of patience today to begin with, so I was a grumpy, mean mommy.

Last night I completed skeletal versions of the rest of the flashcards I needed to make. My 320 words include the simple definition as provided by the GRE book. O helped me shuffle them today so I can get ready to start the actual studying/acquisition process.


Being the weird person that I am, I want an official (arbitrary) start date of August 1st so that I can measure how quickly/slowly it takes to reach a point of satisfaction. Having an extra two days really doesn’t matter in the long run, but that’s just the way I am I guess.

So tonight and tomorrow, I’ll continue the arduous task of filling in the rest of the cards that I will start studying on August 1st (the first round of 20 cards plus however many other cards I can get to between today and Tuesday). Though, the husband did say he would give me a good long break tomorrow. Maybe I’ll use that to start the math side of studying.

Or maybe I’ll relax. Not sure what that will entail. Maybe I’ll find a trail to walk on or a beach to lounge at. Hmm…