Mind Dump 3

My husband had graciously given me the opportunity to escape the kids for a few hours. I brought some reading material and study material with me to Starbucks. Not really sure how I want to spend my time – productivity with studying or general unwind through news and storytelling.


Before I can get into any of it though, I need yet another mind dump.

Life has been a bit trying the last 17 days. That’s how many nights in a row K has been up past midnight. Last night we got a small reprieve in that she was asleep around 11:30 or so, but I think that’s because she’s sick and I gave her some drowsy cough medicine. She’s severely lacking in the sleep department, so it was very much needed. But she woke up at 8am, and I stayed up past 2am. Hubs and I got stuck watching the terrible Dracula 2000. It was so bad we couldn’t stop watching.

We attempted to get back into Game of Thrones – we’re about halfway through season 6. But, of course, we were interrupted multiple times by needy kids who don’t sleep. I don’t think we made it about 25 minutes into the episode before we just gave up.

I started to write a post about collective nouns a few days ago, but I haven’t mustered up the energy to continue writing and researching it. I’m hoping to get that done, along with another Dash comic, within the next few days. Kids allowing. Always the caveat. A tiring one at that.

I think I’ll read some New Yorker now.