Mom Guilt, form of leaving kids with Dad

I’m out to get my hair cut, but it seems so is everyone else. I just wanted to walk into a place and have it done, but I will have to wait. 

When I left the house, I intended to not be gone for very long. K is napping and O is doing whatever. I don’t know why I feel so guilty leaving the kids with the hubs. I think it’s mostly due to him not having a lot of experience handling both kids at once. K is a handful all by herself. O is manageable most of the time. When they both meltdown at the same time, pandemonium abounds. (Too lazy to look up whether I used that phrase correctly. Yes, I frequently look up words to make sure I’m using them right.)

Now I’m sitting inside the mall, listless and unsure of how to spend my time. In front of me is a woman wearing a pink shirt, stocking cupcakes into a glass case. She smiled at me when I caught her eye. Many parents are walking by with tots trailing or running ahead. I spy a young woman, perhaps a teenager, with the same Hello Kitty backpack my three year olds loves to tote around. A man whose back is toward me has a shirt that says “Stop Forrest Stop.” I wonder why anyone would buy that shirt, let alone wear it.

I still have 50 minutes before my appointment. I think I’ll find a directory to see if a bookstore exists nearby. I dont think there is one. 

I just sneezed and a man walking by said “Bless you.” I appreciate the kindness.