Drawing Rabbits

I am not a very good artist, mostly due to the fact that I never practice. With the idea of using pictures as a medium for teaching grammar, I wanted to make my own character to use on memes. Coelho means rabbit in Portuguese, so it seems only fitting that I have my character be a rabbit.

You’d think that a rabbit is pretty easy to draw. In some ways yes, in others no. Hubby says I just need to look at a lot of models to use while I teach myself to draw. And it’s true. Try to draw a bunny from memory. Do you know what their legs look like?



Clearly I have no idea what rabbit feet look like. Haha. Nor do I know what a rabbit’s nose looks like. I suppose I should follow Hubby’s advice.

I sometimes follow web comics, and it’s interesting when you don’t look at them for a while and go back to find how much better their art becomes. It’s inspiring, really. I don’t have any expectations of making comics, but you never know…

Grammar Rabbit’s name is Em Dash, or just Dash for short.

I’m also going to make a character for the linguistic side of teaching. I’m thinking a sea goat. Now that is a horrible thing to try to draw when you have very little drawing experience. My sea goat looks like a big turd. Haha.  I won’t burn your eyes out with my attempts of drawing that one.