I have a new identity

Last night, I started to play around with how I will set up a grammar curriculum for my husband’s 8th grade honors class. The idea is to create short lessons – approximately 5 minutes of instruction, 5 minutes of ‘work’, and 5 minutes of further instruction – so that by the end of the school year, the kids will be grammar experts. Or, at the very very least, capable of writing complete sentences.

I’m using Rhetorical Grammar by Martha Kolln and Loretta Gray as a baseline for my lessons. Considering I have zero background in teaching, I am also relying on my husband to give me good pointers on how to make it age appropriate (in terms of mental capability) for the kids. Even though the hubs gave me a basic rundown of what he wants them to know by the end of the year, I am going to expose them to grammar terms like “modal auxiliary.” Do I expect them to know what that means? No. But with enough drilling, they might get it stuck deep within long term memory.

Husband said, “You need to make it something fun and engaging for the kids. They like memes.” OH MEMES. And instagram stories. Yes, YES, I can do that.

So I set out to create accounts for such a thing. Hmm, what should the account be named?

Linguistcoelho. Yepuhhhh. That’s what I aim to be, and that’s what I will be, and I will embrace it and make it me.

Later I thought that maybe I should have been a little bit more creative in the naming. Something like “Fricative Rabbit”. Alas, I think Linguist Coelho is a fitting description for what my plans are.


When I began this blog, I was having an identity crisis. Three years of nothing but being a mom was messing with my sense of self. While I love being a mom (most of the time), I didn’t want that to be the only thing that defined me. I called myself a “writer”, and although I do write, I have no published material.

I am so ready to embrace this new identity. I still plan to be a creative writer, and I hope to one day publish the novel I’ve been working on for forever, but right now I will envelope myself in language, linguistics, and grammar. In doing so, I will probably become an even better writer. At least that’s the hope and plan.

Linguist Coelho needs a logo. I think I will draw something up right now.  😀