Time Management

Something I really struggle with is time management. Now that I have my materials gathered, textbooks out, apps installed, practice tests ready to go.

So now what?

This post will mostly be me organizing my ideas on how to come up with a schedule for myself.

I have four textbooks I want to read. Three will be review, one will be new.

An Introduction to Language, 9th edition – Fromkin, Rodman, Hyams
An Introduction to Sociolinguistics – 3rd edition – Holmes
Rhethorical Grammar – 6th edition – Kolln, Gray*

Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics –  11th Edition – Mihalicek, Wilson

I have a GRE app on my phone which I think will do well to help me, but I might want to get a book as well. For now I’ll just focus on the app and maybe look around on the internet and see what resources I can find.

GRE study time
Textbook  reading

After looking up some info about GRE studying, it says I could be ready in a maximum of 12 weeks? I suppose if I didn’t have children I could do that. Maybe I can take the GRE in October to see how I do. That would give me time to retake it if I need to.

I just looked at the GRE site again and noticed there are a lot of available dates and times for the computer adapted test. Looks like I can pretty much take it at any time I feel that I’m ready. Which is good. Gotta figure out how I’m going to get an extra $200 though. Heh.

That helps to know though.

Man I am so tired, it’s hard to think.

Ok, moving on… stream of consciousness post going on here.

I need to work on building my vocabulary. Reading will be the best for that. Flash cards suck because words work best in context. The New York Times and the New Yorker have been helping me find new cool crazy words. I’m also reading the unabridged version of Pride and Prejudice, which has good diction as well. Maybe I can use a white board to put up words in context with their definitions. Cram it into my brain and erase when I feel confident that I know it through and through.

I read that using “algebra/geometry for dummies” book would be beneficial in getting reacquainted with math needed for the quantitative section.


I wonder if I could get this all done to be enrolled next year. I don’t know if I could with the kids being as young as they are. Maybe waiting an extra year would be beneficial cuz I can do self-study and research to help build my portfolio to get into the program. And if my GRE score isn’t to a high enough standard for me, I can retake it.

So much to think about, but I’m feeling cautiously confident.


*I took a class from Loretta Gray, and she is the most kind, down to earth person ever. She’s great. She pretty much let me take her class as an independent study course.


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