PhD in Linguistics: Getting Started Resources

This page is being used to centralize information so I don’t have to keep a million bookmarks and try to navigate through pages again.

The Program

90 Credits
Required courses (35 credits):

LING 507 (“Syntax I”)
LING 508 (“Syntax II”)
LING 532 (“Sociolinguistics I”)
LING 551 (“Phonology I”)
LING 552 (“Phonology II”)
LING 550 or 553 (“Phonetics I or II”)
LING 542 or 579 (“Semantics I or II”)

Catalog of Linguistic courses:

Prospective Student FAQ:

8. What are your admission criteria?

Here are some of the criteria that we take to be important when we make admission decisions. Note that they are just general guidelines to help you with your application process.

  1. linguistics coursework successfully completed
  2. strong recommendations from linguistics instructors
  3. good grades and GRE scores
  4. personal statement that describes the applicant’s motivation for graduate study, as well as possible areas of research. The more specific, the better.
  5. sample of written work demonstrating your ability to conduct linguistic research

9. What do you expect from a personal statement/statement of purpose?

The personal statement should describe your background and research interests as well as your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in our department. Our department values the contribution of students from diverse and/or non-traditional backgrounds to the intellectual and social enrichment of the program. Please include in your personal statement any relevant information concerning your personal history, family background, work or volunteer experiences, and formative influences on your intellectual development. This information might involve cultural and educational opportunities (or the lack thereof), social, economic, or physical advantages and/or disadvantages that you have experienced, work or life experiences in minority or underrepresented communities, and the ways in which these experiences have affected your life, studies, and decisions concerning pursuing linguistics as a career goal. Speak to how these experiences demonstrate your ability to take initiative, conduct research, solve problems, particularly as relates to your interests and work in linguistics, or other research you have conducted. Include special interests and abilities, career plans, and future goals.

10. What do you expect from a writing sample?

A writing sample should demonstrate your ability to conduct research in linguistics. It could be a term paper, an honors thesis, an MA thesis or a write-up of a conference presentation, or another sample that you will accurately represents your research aptitude.

Cost: $205
Intended testing date: 2/3/2018
Registration deadline: 12/29/2017

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