Thankful Part 1.

I feel like now is a good time to write out all the things I am grateful for.

01.The nights my children actually go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Tonight is not one of those nights unfortunately.

02. My husband.* I promise I’ll get back to him.

03. My children. My goofy, lovely, loving, very silly babies. Always happy, except when the case of 2-year-old-itis or teething hits.

04. The internet. For both it’s pros and it’s cons. Both have played a major role in my life.

05. To be living. Which has kiiinndddaaa been a struggle lately.

06. Video games.

07. Crochet

08. Photography

09. Cameras on…

10. Smartphones.

11. The people on the internet who, like me, struggle to interact in the real world and aren’t afraid to blossom friendships that began on a forum…or game… or social site.

12. The internet again, and all its wonderful recipe sites and blogs. For you have made it possible for me to have…

13. Delicious meals. All of which include

14. Butter.  Yes, I went there.

15. Video baby monitors.

16. Yarn

17. The possibility that tomorrow I can continue this list.