How many days?

I’ve been off Facebook and twitter for several days, and while some days were just as frustrating, not having the doom and gloom in my face makes me feel a little at ease.

Hubs and I had two date nights. We enjoyed bruscetta one night and chocolate fondue the next. I made Sheppard’s pie today. I’m making baked Mac and cheese with bacon tomorrow. 

Fatty foods are ruling the house. And I feel like I need to make the time to keep it going as long as I can. Because who knows…?

All of K’s teething teeth are in. Four on top, one on bottom. That makes 7 the current count. I think another bottom tooth is coming in. Time will tell. I hope she gets relief soon.

O is becoming more kid-like with each passing day. The looks and the gestures. She has to tell me everything she knows and makes sure to make sure she knows I know. It’s cute and tiring at the same time. I don’t yet regret wishing for the talking.