6 days

The morning was spent taking care of my girls while my handheld addiction device known as my phone stayed in the bedroom. I spent about 15 minutes texting while I fed K, but the rest of the time it was put out of sight.

The whole day I had to fight the pull to go look at it. 

Last night I deleted Facebook and twitter from my phone. I did get on fb on the computer to check something, but other than that I kept my distance.

This evening, hubs and I made art for the girls: their names written in glitter glue on pink construction paper. It is very cute.

I succeeded today. There were some minor annoyances like O refusing to nap for about two hours, and by time she did fall asleep, K was waking up. But the evening has both kids sleeping at a reasonable hour, and we both got the break we’ve been desperately needing. 

We really needed it.