Right Wing, Help Me Understand

Research. I want to do so much of it right now.

The current political landscape is dividing the American people further and further. The propaganda spewing from the president-elect perpetuates this divide, and unless the “liberal elite” stop name-calling the other side, our world is doomed.

We need understanding and compassion. We need to be willing to talk and discuss ideas and theories without resorting to personal attacks. I know a lot of people are so unwilling to even listen to the other side, and it’s because each side has a huge amount of elitism and entitlement. 

Is it too late to stop this? Is it possible for people to learn humility, to be OK with how the other lives even if it isn’t how you would choose to live personally? 

I want to learn what people who support the president-elect hope for him to achieve. If it is for America to become less inclusive, to oppress rights of any group, or to help the rich get richer, then I really want nothing to do with you.

However, if you’re concerned with how things have been going, that there is something that hasn’t worked for you in the last 8 years because of policy, I want to know what it is. I think most people are concerned with just living their lives, and maybe some of the leftist policies interfered with the rights’ ideal life. But what? I really want to know.
It’s hard to write these posts while the kids are awake. I’ll edit and write another later.

Six Teeth at Once

Having one of those nights of endless crying.

I think I reported K having five teeth coming in at the same time. At least three are definitely broken through, two at either there or really close, and now I think there is yet another working its way up.


I’m contemplating staying up to do cleaning, but I am quickly losing motivation. I’m just glad to have got this day of writing in.