I Miss This

Ok, seriously. I’m having too much fun writing that I am going to stay up late and get some done!

Let’s talk the girls. I say the girls, but really what they are is my world. That’s an awkward sentence. Anywho! My life revolves around these beautiful little people, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

But boy do they drive me crazy.

Poor K, my 9 month old, has five teeth coming in at once. Oucchh!! That cannot feel good. Which has really caused some crazy nights lately. She has always been a night owl ever since July when both kiddos came down with a nasty illness. I had sleep trained her, and it was working really well… then the five teeth started. Yay!

Probably because she was finally getting some sleep.

I think they’re all through now, but I am still dealing with the fallout of now having to start sleep training all over again. That’s a pain.

Then there’s O, 2.5 years old. She’s reached the stage where she has more agility, more confidence, more dexterity, more imagination. All these things are coming out all at once. It makes her so so so excited. She loves to learn, but I think more she loves to share what she has learned. It’s a sort of “Look at me and all the knowledge I have! I must vomit everything I know on you RIGHT NOW.” And then she does. But you always have to repeat back to her what she said so she knows you understood her.

She’s getting better lately at allowing me to acknowledge her words by continuing the conversation. It doesn’t always work, but it’s exciting when it does.

I treat both of them with a bit of a soft approach. Probably too soft for some. O is sensitive, and if I’ve learned anything so far, it’s that personality has a lot to do with it. K is less sensitive, but still needy all the same. She’s loudly needy, whereas O is wanting of cuddles and touching.

I think O has her molars coming in, which is just so fucking fantastic. Both kids crying at the same time is one of the worst sounds in the world. Especially to a mom. Because it goes right to your core and your whole body just feels so fucking uncomfortable. Uggghhhhh.

I laughed about it tonight though. It’s frustrating as all fucking hell, but it’s hilarious that I willingly signed up for this shit. The rewards outweigh the often overwhelming bad days where you get zero breaks and everyone is just WHINING right in your face.

But sometimes man…………….

Can’t I just have an hour of quiet me time without someone needing me?

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