Dusting off the Fingertips

The last real time I wrote something about myself, like a blog post or writing in a journal, had to be more than three years ago. With the exception of a few family drama outbursts, I just haven’t really put any time into me. Being me. Which is to say, writing about myself.

I’ve been on the internet for a long time. Which is a weird thing for me to write because I feel like surely everyone has been on in the internet for a long time. Nope. I guess I belong into a special subgroup of people. Huh.

Anyway, my youth was the early days of the internet. AOL chats, IMing on AOL, then AIM. There were other chat formats like ICQ. There was one I never used… gosh I can’t even think of it right now, but it was also a weird term.

Anyway, I knew my way around the internet. I was good at finding things. I loved looking at websites where it was a collection of images, pre-deviant art. I think it was called elf wood? It was fun.

Forum roleplay. Please tell me someone out there still does that. I miss it.

AOL used to have text commands that allowed you to roll dice. //roll would give you a roll of two six-sided dice. But you could customize the command to roll however many dice of however many sides you want. //roll-sides8-dice4  — Haha!

And aside from all those fun socializing thing was the good old online journal. Online diary? I was on mydeardiary.com. Oh lord! Then there was livejournal, of course. Deadjournal was where I spent a lot of time writing about teenage woes of homework and odd social situations. Greatestjournal during my young dating years (cringe!). Xanga was in there, of course. All of it makes me cringe, really. But it was who I was. I was on the internet, and I wrote about my daily boring life.

And it helped me a lot. So much. I was a depressed teenager, and writing was my outlet. I could write about all the bullshit going on, all my feelings, and sometimes other people would read it and comment on it. I felt like if someone took the time to read and comment that maybe they actually kind of cared. Now, remember, these people reading my stuff wasn’t random internet strangers. They were my in person friends. It wasn’t very often that you would comment on a random stranger’s post back then.

Anyway…  I see two other paragraphs above this one that start the same way.

It’s actually been way longer than three years since I sat down and chronicled my life. When I met my husband, I don’t think I was doing it much back then. But as our relationship blossomed, I did it less and less.

Since all that, I have married and had two children. That’s a weird thing to say. But that really is my reality. Two young children… 9 months and 2.5 years. Right now they’re in an interesting stage. But I’ll save the details of that for another post. Let’s just say they are a driving force for me to get back into my writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them very dearly. But for the last three years, I have dedicated 20000000% of myself to them, and I’m feeling very lost and lonely. So here I am! I’m going to make my new domain soon. But until that time, I’ll be posting here.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

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